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  • Purple Monster
    Here at Masturbation Page we’ve seen all kinds of vibrators. Some are thick, some are long; Some are so powerful we are afraid of them. Rarely do we get surprised by vibrators or chicks masturbating with them. That is until we came across Valentina from FTV Girls masturbating with this ...
  • Shy London
    We love how the crew does their masturbation interview videos. They are, by the way, the only ones who do something like this… It’s hot when women talk about their masturbation habits!!! London from is a bit on the shy side, so it was difficult to get her ...
  • Finger Fucking Or Flipping
    Carlie from looks like she’s having a good time… But is she fucking herself with her finger or flipping us the bird? Or both? Doesn’t matter… Once that finger slides in and out of her already super moist pussy a few times, she won’t be excited about flipping anyone ...
  • Masturbation Smile
    When a woman masturbates it’s a beautiful sight… While the FTV girls are a step above the rest, it doesn’t really matter how beautiful they are… In this case, the view we get from the foot of the bed focuses in on her the vibrator sliding into her pussy, and ...
  • Fun With Kacey
    We weren’t sure which video to share with you, so we decided to share both! This is Kacey from – she looks like a fun chick. During her masturbation interview she tells us how she likes masturbate in bars, and then…. How sometimes she’s touching her private parts in ...
  • Clear Glass Dildo
    Just when you think you’ve seen it all…. Along comes Melanie from FTV Girls to show us a view we never really saw before – with a clear glass dildo, well, we can see it all! FTV Girls is wonderful for when it comes to masturbation – with each girl ...
  • Riley’s Hairy Pussy
    One of the most beautiful things about the act of masturbation is that most of the time it’s real… And full of real passion. It’s not about acting out joy of an orgasm, but instead enjoying the real orgasm itself. Masturbation for us is about as real as it gets! ...
Wet And Puffy

Bullet Vibrator

Talk about being moist… Faye has her little tiny pocket rocket (although it’s really more like a bullet!) and she’s on her hands and knees doggie style ready to take care of business! Guess she must like it from behind!

Women who like to fuck doggie style like to masturbate like that too; It’s how they off!!!!

faye loves sex toys

Wonder how far Faye is going to stick that little vibrator up inside of her pussy!

Shower Finger Bang

You think your woman is in the shower, but the truth is she’s fucking finger banging herself while she’s pretending to get clean…

But isn’t it a beautiful sight?

abby-winters-kylie-masturbating shower

Talk about moist masturbation… It doesn’t get much moist than masturbating in the shower!

Glass Dildo Joy

Tell me that Erica isn’t a horny little chick!!! Looks like this Ron Harris chick just un-buttoned her shirt, hiked up her skirt, and started to fuck her pussy with her hot glass dildo! And nothing has ever looked hotter!

What is it about glass dildos that turns women on so much?

eric ron harris masturbates glass dildo

Ally Masturbates

Ally from FTV girls has some moist masturbation going on…. with her sexy little odd shaped vibrator! Once this blonde beauty queen turns that little baby on her pussy will be instantly wet!

What chick wouldn’t have a soaking wet pussy after this masturbation treatment?

ally loves masturbating

Sitting On Glass Dildo

If this glass dildo Heather is sitting on doesn’t make her pussy nice and moist…. I don’t know what will!

What perky little tits this masturbating hottie has…

heather sits on glas dildo

No way she can fuck that glass dildo by sitting on it like this without making her pussy nice and wet and having a huge fucking orgasm

Super Super Moist

You can see exactly how moist this Alp Girl is when she’s masturbating with a vibrator in her pussy… So damn moist that she might just be squirter!

hot alp girl masturbating3

Doggie Style Masturbation

Kyran loves to masturbate….

She also loves getting fucked; Kyran loves nothing more than getting down on her hands and knees and getting fucked doggie style, just like a little slut….. And when she masturbates she gets down on her hands and knees and starts rubbing up against her pussy….

kyran masturbates-sliding fingers in pussy1

Then she masturbates herself by sliding her fingers into her pussy!

kyran masturbates-sliding fingers in pussy2

She likes fucking doggie style and she likes masturbating the same exact way!

Back Yard Masturbation

Claire from loves being naked outside… She also loves to masturbate outside!

Out into the back yard this beauty went, started stripping down, took her boobies out…

claire masturbates outside1

Then she took her panties off, lifting up her dress, playing with her pussy….

claire masturbates outside2

wouldn’t it be super hot to see a hot chick like this walking around naked in her back yard masturbating!

Silver Vibrator

Some chicks like to be quiet and discret about their masturbation habits; Most like to hide behind closed doors pretending to be showering or taking a long bath….

Not Kayla from Ron Harris. She’s not shy or embarrassed at all is she? Buck ass naked in the corner, legs spread, slamming a silver vibrator into her pussy…. She’s slamming it home, turned on to it’s highest setting, tearing through her body and touching every last nerve!

kayla masturbates

This masturbating hottie is going to explode in a huge orgasm in just a moment!

Red Vibrator

Ava from FTV Girls looks like she’s in for a good time… and ready to rock and roll!

She’s long since ditched her panties, has her legs spread, and she’s getting that huge fat red dildo nice and moist – and ready to slam it home deep inside of her pussy! This hot FTV Girl loves to masturbate and when she does, she’s going for maximum effect!

ava fucks red-dildo

Once this masturbating slut has her dildo nice and moist she’s going to fuck herself silly with it!

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