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  • Masturbation Help
    Every now and then we need a little help from our friends – and that goes double when it comes to masturbation! These two chicks from Ron Harris seemed to have figured it out pretty well… It doesn’t really make them lesbians, although most women are at least a little ...
  • Vibrator Light
    Why is it that has all of the hottest babes masturbating? Ranushka is a hottie from Kuwait who learned how to masturbate on a bidet, so it’s pretty safe that she’s a wild one. She started off masturbating with an odd little vibrator. It has a light shining out ...
  • Masturbation Buddies
    Believe it or not Jenny from Ron Harris started off masturbating with her fingers… most women do. But when Jenny discovered her fingers weren’t going to get her off as quick as she had hoped, she moved over to taking care of business with her two best masturbation buddies … ...
  • Masturbation Picnic
    Have you ever met a chick and instantly want to see them naked and masturbating? That’s exactly how we felt about Annabelle Pink. We found her on a website called The Female Orgasm. Very much hotness yes! It’s nice to see yet another website dedicated to the joys and beauty ...
  • Purple Monster
    Here at Masturbation Page we’ve seen all kinds of vibrators. Some are thick, some are long; Some are so powerful we are afraid of them. Rarely do we get surprised by vibrators or chicks masturbating with them. That is until we came across Valentina from FTV Girls masturbating with this ...
  • Shy London
    We love how the crew does their masturbation interview videos. They are, by the way, the only ones who do something like this… It’s hot when women talk about their masturbation habits!!! London from is a bit on the shy side, so it was difficult to get her ...
  • Finger Fucking Or Flipping
    Carlie from looks like she’s having a good time… But is she fucking herself with her finger or flipping us the bird? Or both? Doesn’t matter… Once that finger slides in and out of her already super moist pussy a few times, she won’t be excited about flipping anyone ...
Wet And Puffy

Archive for the ‘Finger Masturbation’ Category

Finger Masturbation

Jacey likes masturbate using her fingers… Her pussy might not be moist yet, but it will be shortly!

This hottie from is going to have her legs spread and up in the air in just a moment – with her fingers buried deep in her pussy!

jacey masturbates fingers pussy

I bet you when this stunning beauty is all fired up, her pussy is super moist!

Loves Masturbating

Kylie loves masturbating… Whenever she has a few free moments, she loves to strips down and get naked so she can finger her little pussy…. All she needs is her fingers; No exotic sex toys for her… As long as she gets off she doesn’t need do anything special – just her fingers!

kylie masturbates fingers in pussy 2

Moist Masturbation

Looks like Anna from knows how to masturbate…. Then again all chicks from the website know how to masturbate – it’s devoted to women of all shapes and sizes getting off, some with their fingers, some with dildos and sex toys, and some… Well, you’ll just have to see for yourself!

Seems like Anna here is going to be using her fingers today…

anna masturbating-spreading pussy lips

Yeah, she’s getting herself off – you can tell from the look on her face!

Beach Beauty Masturbation

This beauty from doesn’t care where she masturbates or how, so long as she’s nice and moist…

Looks like she was going to enjoy a nice day at the beach but her desires got the best of her…

hot babe masturbating

Now it’s all about how fast she can masturbate with her fingers!

Ramming Pussy

Brandi from is deeply involved in a hot finger fuck…. Which is bound to end up in a huge clit orgasm!

It’s funny how some some chick just tickle their clit with their fingers when they are masturbating and yet other babes ram their clit with their fingers to get off!

brandi hot finger fuck

I guess some of these beauties are in a hurry to get off and others not to much!

Either way watching the works of beautiful x art on masturbate themselves is super sexy!

Clit Orgasm

Melody from is one of those babes who loves clit orgasms… She just peels off all of her clothes and starts playing with her clit trying to get herself off… Just around the tip of the clit works fine for her!

This hot little blonde is going to do herself up right with her fingers sliding in and out!

melody loves masturbating slides finger in pussy

Got love the chicks who masturbate aiming for a clit orgasm!

Stimulating Her Clit

Kara from Ron Harris knows how to get off… Using her fingers to stimulate her clit! That always works…

Naked in front of the window, sitting on a mirror, wearing white lingerie with her perky teen titties hanging out…


She’s about to have an earth shattering clit orgasm – that’s for sure!

And will be as mind blowing the one she had the day before too!

Rubbing That Clit

Looks like Kara from Ron Harris is going to have a huge clit orgasm… All she needs to do is circle her clit with her fingers, gently alternating between rubbing and touching… And bam, one huge orgasm!

ron harris kara fingers self

Stimulating The Clit

Daffney knows how to stimulate her clit for sure…. Just a single finger rubbing up against her clit is more than enough to get her going!

daffney masturbates fingers in pussy

She’s about to have a huge clit orgrasm, just because she played with her clit while masturbating and stuck a singer finger in her pussy!

Finger Masturbation

Isn’t is always funny how most of the chicks on look like the girl who lives next door to you? I think that’s the point. All chicks like to masturbate. That means all chicks, including the chick next door to you.

Holly is no exception. You can tell she likes to get off – You can just tell by looking at her!

holly masturbation fingers in pussy5

Once this little tiger takes her close off, it’s all about masturbating… She does it all and does all of the tricks; Sometimes she masturbates with fruit. (She sort of freaked out her last boyfriend when she told him how she liked to masturbate!) Holly doesn’t care, as long as she gets off!

Her favorite way to masturbate is with her fingers on her pussy… So hot!

Maybe she’ll light a candle or two, but most of the time it’s just clothes off and fingers rubbing pussy! No need to be romantic with herself when she’s masturbating!

holly masturbation fingers in pussy6

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