Finger Masturbation

Isn’t is always funny how most of the chicks on look like the girl who lives next door to you? I think that’s the point. All chicks like to masturbate. That means all chicks, including the chick next door to you.

Holly is no exception. You can tell she likes to get off – You can just tell by looking at her!

holly masturbation fingers in pussy5

Once this little tiger takes her close off, it’s all about masturbating… She does it all and does all of the tricks; Sometimes she masturbates with fruit. (She sort of freaked out her last boyfriend when she told him how she liked to masturbate!) Holly doesn’t care, as long as she gets off!

Her favorite way to masturbate is with her fingers on her pussy… So hot!

Maybe she’ll light a candle or two, but most of the time it’s just clothes off and fingers rubbing pussy! No need to be romantic with herself when she’s masturbating!

holly masturbation fingers in pussy6

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