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Moist Finger Masturbation

Some chicks like exotic sex toys, other chicks like using their fingers to masturbate

This babe from Ron Harris is masturbating with her fingers on what looks like a cold wet rainy day…

hot babe masturbates

I bet you her pussy is wet too! That tends to happen when women masturbate!

One Finger In Pussy

See, even the beautiful women masturbate too! How can they not? They get horny too…

This is Holly from, shot by Ron Harris. She’s a hottie – with her titties poking out of her sexy red lingerie… She’s got no panties – we get to see her smooth bare pussy -and she’s got a finger inside of her pussy, rubbing inside of her clit just nicely…. This blonde beauty doesn’t look like she’s in much of a hurry!

holly masturbates-fingers

She can slowly slide her finger inside of her wet tight pussy all night long, teasing herself until get gets off

Kiki Masturbates

Kiki is easy to please, and even more so when it comes to her masturbation habits…. She just likes to spread her pussy lips open with her fingers, tease her clit, and then fingering herself once her pussy is nice and moist….

kiki masturbates using fingers

This gets young Kiki off every time!

Marina Masturbates

Marina from is the perfect package… Huge breasts and she loves to play with her pussy!

But best of all she likes to put on a show!

marina m abby winters masturbates

Imagine having this hot big breasted babe masturbate for you in person!

Need To Masturbate

Most chicks like to masturbate in the tub with the shower head… But not Jenna from Ron Harris. She seems perfectly happy to sit on the edge of the tub and masturbate herself with her fingers… Which is super hot!

jenna ron harris masturbates

Maybe she planned on getting into the tub – we can see its full of water – but once that warm water hit her she just decided she needed to masturbate and get off right there!

Glass Dildo Fun

Katelynn isn’t too interested in fingering her pussy… She wants to be fucked. And when she’s in the mood to be fucked there is only one way for her to get off and get off good. And that’s with a strong, hard, glass dildo – the kind that is long and touches her deeply inside of her pussy!

She loves to masturbate herself!

Sexy Katelynn bends over doggie style – that’s exactly how she likes to be fucked – and then she slides that dildo in her… ASS!

ftv-girls-katelynn-glass dildo in pussy

She likes the anal masturbation!

Super Moist Fingering

Paris Kennedy loves fingering her pussy – she knows that in order to masturbate she needs her pussy nice and wet! The wetter her pussy is, the funnier her masturbation session is going to be!

Naked on her bed, she plays with her breasts while she fingers her pussy and plays with her clit…

paris kennedy finger masturbation

Wait until she starts sliding her finger in and out of her pussy… Paris Kennedy has been masturbating long enough to know exactly how to finger her pussy to get off!

Backseat Masturbation

Meet Anthea. She’s the type of chick all men want… She’s from She knows what she likes. She also knows that men like to watch….

She’s masturbating in the back of a car… That’s a wild and crazy girl right there. She couldn’t wait until she got home to get off; She had to get off right there and then. In the back seat.

abby winters babe masturbates

And that’s hot.

Makes you wonder if the seats are gonna be sticky now huh?

Sara James Fingers Pussy

Sara James likes to masturbate with a glass dildo, but long before she slides that glass dildo in her pussy… She needs to get her snatch nice and wet – and she does this by softly and gently fingering herself, playing with her clit and then slowly sliding a finger or two into her pussy, in and out, in and out, until she’s nice and wet…

Only then will Sara James be ready to masturbate with her glass dildo!


Bent Over Masturbation

All women have their little tricks and naughty habits when it comes to their masturbation sessions, but Holly from the Ron Harris website likes to do it bent over with her sexy perky titties hanging down….. Today she’s bent over using a glass dildo, fucking herself from behind while she’s bent over!

holly ron harris glass dildo masturbates bent over

Maybe she likes to get fucked this way, or maybe she saw it in a porn flick or something…. Either way, watching her masturbate with this glass dildo in this position is super sexy!

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